Cook it Yourself



At The Historic Mint, all of our steaks are selected from only the best three-year old grain-fed steers, graded USDA choice. After starting with the FINEST beef, we age the loins for several weeks to insure tenderness and flavor. When the timing is just right, we cut the loins into steaks and trim away most of the excess fat, leaving only enough for "The Historic Mint's flavor."
Beef prices are the highest since 1987, but we have kept our prices as low as we can go. Because you cook the steak yourself, we able to give you, our customers, the biggest, best quality steak at the best price out there. Our prices reflect the quality of the meat we serve, but we are so sure you won't find a lower price anywhere else, that we guarantee it.
Meet or beat
If you find a steak of the same size and quality anywhere else, we will meet or beat it! This means any competitor's price on comparable steaks! Try us.
Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
Be sure to try our homemade teriyaki sauce. It goes great with all of our steaks!

We will hand carve any size steak you request!

The record for the largest steak so far is a 35 ounce Rib Eye


The Historic Mint
347 Blue River Parkway
Silverthorne, CO 80498

Phone: (970) 468-5247

The Historic Mint

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